The Ultimate Checklist of what you need to pack for Uni

By Haaroon Younis

After two years of hard work, you got the grades and, got your place at university. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for and now it’s around the corner. But firstly you have the not so small task of packing your stuff.

So I’ve created the Ultimate Checklist of what you need to take to University. You can download the checklist here, print it off and tick off items when you’ve packed them. There’s a column where you can write your own notes or comments. Also there’s space to add in your own items.

This checklist covers absolutely everything from the essentials to a few cool extras that could come in handy. I’ve tried to be thorough, so not all of the items will be necessary for you. Pack and check off the items that are relevant to you and you will need!

Quick tips before you start packing:

  • Be strategic. Aim to pack light. Most student rooms are not big, have limited storage space and there’s only so much space in your parent’s car. Taking all your worldly possessions is not practical. Remember, you’ll also get a lot of stuff during Fresher’s Week which you will have to put in your room.
  • If you do forget something essential, like documents, you could always go back home or get your parents to bring it for you. You’re probably only moving a train journey away, not the other side of the world.
  • If you forget anything else, it’s nothing to worry about. There will be shops there so you can buy stuff when you’re there. Also you can order online and get same day delivery these days.
  • Check with your accommodation what items they will be providing. You don’t want to waste your money on items that will already be there for you. Some halls will provide you with microwaves, kettles, irons, waste bins.
  • Likewise check what you are not allowed to bring, for example at the University of Leeds student halls you are not allowed candles. Different universities have different policies on what you are not allowed so make sure check with your uni.
  • Don’t spend a fortune. Do you really need to splash out on the full range of post it notes? Shops like Argos, Ikea and Tesco are generally much cheaper for stuff like duvets. Even go to a pound shop. Most stuff won’t even last your first year so go for cheaper options.

Download the Ultimate Checklist here.