Personal Statement Checklist

By Haaroon Younis

Whilst writing your personal statement it is very easy to get lost and include everything that needs to be included. Also as you will be in a hurry to submit your UCAS application you may not check your personal statement in the detail you need to.

Checking spelling and grammar is very important because no matter how enthusiastic you sound in your personal statement, spelling mistakes give the impression that you are careless and haven’t taken the time to check your statement. Always get a second person, such as a teacher to read your final version of your personal statement. They may spot mistakes that you might have missed.

I have created a checklist which includes all the things you need to do in order to have a successful, well written personal statement that is ready to submit.

You can view the checklist below.
You can also download the checklist here, print it off and tick off when you’ve completed each part.

Preparing to write your Personal Statement:

Have you decided what to study at University?
Have you done thorough research into the course you’re applying for?
Have you made a list of your relevant achievements?
Have you completed sufficient work experience? (if relevant)

Writing your Personal Statement:

Have you used the ABC structure? Read the blog here.
Have you structured your Personal Statement in clear paragraphs?
Have you written a clear introduction and conclusion?
Have you related all skills and experiences back to the course you’re applying for?

 Checking your Personal Statement:

Have you checked spelling and grammar?
Has your teacher/parent checked your personal statement?
Have you spell checked your personal statement? (again)

Download the Personal Statement Checklist here