14 struggles students go through when applying to University

By Haaroon Younis

Applying to University is a stressful time. Here are some struggles you’ve probably experience, or are going to experience. So get ready to relate!

  1. Having no idea at all about how to write your personal statement.

  2. Wanting everyone to stop giving you conflicting advice.

  3. Constantly cutting things out because you keep forgetting that it’s a character limit and not a word limit.

  4. Praying you at least meet your minimum predicted grades as you type them in.

  5. While keeping your fingers crossed they don’t raise grade boundaries.

  6. Worrying that you might have typed the wrong course codes into UCAS.

  7. Having a last minute meltdown when it comes to submitting your application.

  8. Because you’re doubting if you’re ready for University life and the fear of rejection.

  9. And because every time you read through your application you find yet another typo.

  10. So much anxiety waiting for an email from Track.

  11. Made so much worse by the annoying lack of information provided when you do receive an email.

  12. And discovering that nothing really has changed so far.

  13. Jumping ecstatically when you receive your first offer and bragging about it on Facebook.

  14. And suddenly realising just how hard you now have to work to meet the entry requirements.