The RfE Reflective Learning Log

Welcome to the Reflective Learning Log (RLL) page. This is where you can find all the information and resources you’ll need to use the tool successfully:

Current Reach for Excellence students can access the Reflective Learning Log HERE 

If you have forgotten your login details, please use the forgotten password link on the RLL webpage.

Below, you will find a short video tutorial to help you understand how to use the RLL. You may also find our Reflective Learning Log Guide a useful document to view before using the system.

What is it?

The Reflective Learning Log is an online evaluative tool that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and will also enable you to think carefully about how your skills and knowledge are developing and in which areas you might need to access additional information or support.

What do I need to do?

You will received your own personalised logon to access your own account of the RFE Reflective Learning. Keep your password safe so you don’t forget but you may choose to share your results with your teachers, parents and peers, or you may keep it as a private record between yourself and the Student Talent Spotting Team.

There are two different types of questionnaires that you will need to fill in:

1) Temperature Testing
2) Event Feedback

Temperature Testing

All RfE students are required to complete temperature testing evaluations, where the questions asked will cover the different areas of preparing for university and the future. They help to monitor and track your progress as you complete the RfE programme during three different intervals on the programme:

1) January (Year 1): when you begin the RFE scheme
2) July (Year 1): when you complete your Y12 studies
3) July (Year 2): when you complete your Y13 studies.

You are required to fill in five temperature tests with the following titles:

1) My thoughts on university
2) Self and Time Management
3) Financial Literacy
4) Academic Skills
5) Commercial Awareness

Event Feedback

When you attend an event, you will be asked to complete a paper evaluation form which the team will collect in from you at the end and should help you to reflect on what you have gained from each session. The answers to these questionnaires also mean that we can review the sessions we organize and make sure we are doing everything we can to keep the scheme relevant to your needs.

Why should I do it?

To make a competitive application to university and in for future careers, you will need to ensure you are a well-rounded individual. Therefore, there are no right or wrong answers, and the results will help us to plan the RFE programme and tailor the activities on offer to the needs of each cohort more efficiently.

However, tracking these results will also help you to plan and will also be useful when you come to fill in your UCAS forms (especially your first draft of your personal statement) or to compile a CV to apply for jobs. Experience has shown us that every year when students attempt to write their personal statements, they struggle to capture everything they have done and articulate their skills and experiences. This tool should help you with that – provided you keep filling it in!

Finally, if you need further assistance with the Reflective Learning Log, then please contact the Student Talent Spotting Team.